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Pretty Smart Lamp

Pretty Smart Lamp

Pretty Smart Lamp

What does it do?

There is no need to have your phone on you to turn the lamp on and off. Simply tap it to turn it on or off, or use the button on the back to enable our demo mode. 

Receive your choice of notifications in whichever color or light sequence you prefer. Dismiss a notification with a simple tap on your lamp. Don't worry, this is an awesome, but not required feature. Enable or disable as many notifications as you wish.

Find your phone by simply double tapping on your PrettySmartLamp. Your phone's flashlight will activate and start flashing and your phone will ring, even if you have it set to silent! 

Use your USB cable to charge your phone directly from your PrettySmartLamp. Now you can have your phone in close proximity to you when you are charging it! 

Use your PrettySmartLamp to help you get a certain space to your desired temperature. PrettySmartLamp detects the surrounding temperature and communicates with your smart thermostat to get exactly the temperature you want, exactly where you want it. 

 Select any color you would like and control the brightness from your app.

Enjoy our different light sequences, such as: 
falling asleep, waking up, rainbow, and RGB.

Using a light sensor, PrettySmartLamp senses brightness and can adjust the brightness of your lamp accordingly. This feature is especially beautiful during sunrise and sunset. 

How does it work?

Connect your smartphone to your PrettySmartLamp using Bluetooth. For a complete list of compatible phones, please check out the FAQ section.

Here are some of the lasered designs you'll have the option to choose from. The more money we raise, the more designs we will release! A lasered design lamp comes with 1 interchangeable design. More designs can be purchased by simply increasing your pledge amount by $15 per design.

 * Pictures by Jacobo Vargas
control your lamp with our free appcontrol your lamp with our free app

We have partnered with Yonomi to make the Pretty Smart Lamp part of your whole home automation experience. 

Pretty Smart Lamp on the Yonomi AppPretty Smart Lamp on the Yonomi App

Yonomi is an app that makes Pretty Smart Lamp and your other favorite connected devices work together to make your life richer, yet simpler. For instance, when you wake up in the morning your Pretty Smart Lamp will turn on automatically and your Sonos speakers will speak the weather report to you. Or at sunset your Pretty Smart Lamp will silently turn on so you won't be left in the dark. There are endless automation possibilities. Yonomi is merely a free app, no extra hub required! 

Using the Pretty Smart Lamp's built-in localization detection capabilities, Yonomi can also take action when you enter or leave a room with a Pretty Smart Lamp in it. When you enter the Family Room, Yonomi could turn your lamps on, pause the music elsewhere in the house, and start playing it over the Sonos in that room. When you leave, the music pauses, and the lights dim -- all automatically. 

Rechargable Li-Ion Battery and case, LEDs Boards 15 and 48 LEDs (2 sided), Solid Mahogany wood base, Main board.

The charger: 5V, 2A of power  

Rechargeable battery: Li-Ion 18650

Sensors: accelerometer to detect the tapping, temperature and light

 The SoC that controls the lamp is an ARM cortex M0+, 256kB flash, with an embedded bluetooth smart radio at 2.4GHz running the latest 4.1 version of BLE. 

The SoC talks directly to each one of the 15 or 48 addressable LEDs at 800Kbps, to obtain a very smooth transition of colors and intensities at 60 fps. It also communicates with the different sensors using I2C. 

Each LED produces 16 million different colors, providing up to up to 420 or 1,340 mcd of luminous intensity, consuming up to 0.3 watts. Pretty Smart Lamp also includes a BLE Beacon, which smartphones use to detect which area they are in, hence intuitively showing control of the lamps in that room, as well as the notifications where they can be visible.